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Professional BACP Registered Counselling and Therapy Service across Winchester Romsey and Salisbury

Counselling and Therapy where I offer a safe and confidential place to talk. About your life. About confusing things. About painful things. About uncomfortable things. This gives you the chance to make choices about the changes you want to make in your life.


Stress Counselling & Therapy Salisbury & Wiltshire



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Stress is experienced differently by each individual and can be triggered by a variety of circumstances all unique to where we live, how we’ve been brought up, what might happen in the future and most importantly our culture. What is evident is that people are experiencing its now more than ever before.
Stress is often related to a fear (mostly unfounded) and the amount of energy required to manage and mitigate that fear. Fortunately, management techniques are well developed and can prevent stress from affecting the rest of one’s life.
Change Counselling has clinics in Salisbury and offers the opportunity to explore stress relief options and counselling.

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