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Low Self-esteem

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Low Self-esteem

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• I don’t like myself
• I hate myself
• No one loves me
• No one listens to me
Sound familiar? Almost everyone will experience self-doubt at some point in their lives – this is completely normal. Unfortunately, some live with this perception of themselves all the time.
Self doubt and feeling horrible about one self are signs of low self-image. There are many reasons for this, but the most common tends to be the effects of bullying.
Low self-esteem is a very common problem and often exacerbated by the cultural transmission of the idea that it is wrong to think highly of oneself. Many people also deal with their own insecurities by highlighting the weaknesses and insecurities of others around them, unconsciously creating a critical environment where criticism and feelings of doubt are ‘normal’. Conversely, many struggle to give meaningful, unconditional compliments that could reverse the downward spiral. The good news is this behaviour can be addressed!
Change Counselling offers therapy for low self-esteem at clinics located in Salisbury.

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