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Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Loss, Grief & Bereavement Counselling & Therapy Salisbury


Loss, grief and bereavement

Grief and loss image of bottled emotions

Typically, the words loss, grief and bereavement are associated with the death of a loved one or pet. It is also called a bereavement. Yet there are other loss events that can be as traumatic, despite how silly they may seem. Examples include the loss of one’s youth or appearance, a valuable collectors item or even be related to one’s favourite football team being ejected from a crucial tournament.
Ultimately, loss is connected to the importance of attachments stemming from the attachment of a child to their parents and loved ones or the attachment to material objects, places, activities etc.
Loss of something to which one is attached brings grief and initiates a process of mourning. It is dealing with this mourning that allows one to move on from a loss. Loss and grief therapy provides a means to cope with grief and deal with dying and death.
Change Counselling Service offers bereavement counselling in Salisbury.

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