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Professional BACP Registered Counselling and Therapy Service across Winchester Romsey and Salisbury

Counselling and Therapy where I offer a safe and confidential place to talk. About your life. About confusing things. About painful things. About uncomfortable things. This gives you the chance to make choices about the changes you want to make in your life.


Counselling and Therapy | Salisbury


Anxiety Disorder Counselling & Therapy Salisbury

Anxiety image of a ticking bomb

Anxiety issues manifest themselves when one experiences overwhelming and unrealistic fears or worry, panic or anxiety attacks, phobias, obsessive compulsive behaviours or post-traumatic stress reactions. These can easily stop us from living our lives as we would like to.
Anxiety problems are made up of three elements: the physical sensations we experience, the emotions we have whilst experiencing them and the thoughts that go through our mind.
Left untreated, anxiety issues can develop into other problems, often judged by our culture to be a weakness in an individual, leading to many not seeking help. These issues are treatable and can be stopped early.
Change Counselling offers anxiety disorder counselling with clinics located in Salisbury.

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