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Anger Management Counselling & Therapy Salisbury

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It is becoming more and more common for people to experience sudden angry feelings without any apparent trigger or event – this is a hint that you might have anger control problems.
Often, we struggle to express real feelings of anger because when we were children it was not okay to express our anger (such as breaking toys or shouting). Unfortunately, we were never equipped with a means of expressing that anger in a safe and healthy way. Anger management counselling can help with this.
Equally, there are times where we don’t struggle to express anger at all – in fact we find it all too easy to fly into an uncontrollable rage! We find that we express our angry feelings too easily, too much and in most cases, inappropriate ways that are hurtful to others. This situation is equally confusing and can cause unhealthy levels of anxiety and stress. In many of these situations we use anger to cover-up other feelings – feelings such as sadness or fear that may have nothing to do with whatever triggered the feelings of anger.
We learn these behaviours as children and as adults it feels normal and part of who we are as people. In actual fact underneath it causes mental and emotional issues, which ultimately leave us feeling dissatisfied or unhappy without knowing why. Therapy is a great way to resolve anger issues.
Dealing with anger can be very intense and sometimes overwhelming, leading us to feel vulnerable and unacceptable, but once we feel okay in being direct with our anger and saying “no”, we can learn to use our energy (previously consumed by anger issues) directly towards getting our previously unknown needs met.
Change Counselling offers anger management therapy in Salisbury.

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