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Counselling and Therapy where I offer a safe and confidential place to talk. About your life. About confusing things. About painful things. About uncomfortable things. This gives you the chance to make choices about the changes you want to make in your life.


The Delicate Act of Bringing Balance to your Life

Modern life is complicated and unfortunately comes without any set of instructions on how to feel balanced and at peace. There are times when we all feel unbalanced and out of sorts, which can exacerbate our fears, insecurities and anxieties but by understanding ourselves and being aware of ourselves, we can minimise the imbalances in our lives. It can be difficult transitioning from knowing to doing, but here at Then Change, we’ll help you to implement Changes that will see you ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.

Incorporating simple mindfulness techniques into your life may seem strange and difficult at first, but they’ll soon become part of your routine and part of yourself.

Balance is an ongoing process, not a goal

Balance isn’t reaching a state of permanent relaxation, calmness and contentment, but often only lasts for a few moments at any one time. By thinking of yourself as practising balance through mindfulness, you’ll find that the times you feel balanced increase and last for longer. Take for instance the saying, “it’s good if you fall because it means you were trying”, as long as you keep practicing finding balance, you’ll find it. You may lose it again at other moments in your life, but you will find it again.

Prioritise your ambitions and goals

By figuring out your goals and deciding which are the most important to achieve, you can start working towards achieving them first – it’s impossible for everyone to do everything at once. The problem that many people have is deciding which goals are more important, even with smaller decisions such as talking to a friend for the third time in a day or taking time out for a soak in the bath at the end of the day. By regularly re-examining your priorities on a regular basis, you’ll achieve more balance in your life as you can then focus on achieving each goal.

Have both short and long term goals

Your short term goals should help you work towards achieving you larger goals and ambitions. For example, if your long term goal is to be a successful writer, a smaller goal may be getting something published in a national newspaper and in order to achieve that you may think about even smaller goals such as writing for half an hour every day, joining a writing group or starting an online blog.

Ensure your goals are specific

Vague concepts such as ‘quality time’ sound great but aren’t very helpful when it comes to achieving balance in your life, as you can’t quantify whether you’ve achieved what you’ve set out to do. For example, rather than trying to commit to ‘eating healthily’, you can create more achievable balance by including kale in three dinners every week, you’re going to run half an hour every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

It’s easier achieving balance with another person

It’s far easier to achieve balance with not only your own strength, but working with the people in your life. Interactive support involves taking and giving with other people to achieve harmonious and balanced relationships that will benefit everyone. It won’t be perfect all the time, as mentioned before, but by surrounding yourself who offer interactive support as well as you providing it for them, you should find that your social relationships become far more balanced and easier to navigate.

Here at Then Change, we help people to find the balance they need in their lives in a holistic and positive way. For more information, call 0774 888 1404 or contact us online for a confidential chat about your needs.